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Previewing a Newsletter
Sending a proof copy of the newsletter
Sending a proof copy of the newsletter

Learn how to send a copy of the newsletter to someone else for proof reading

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Sometimes you may want someone who is not a newsletter collaborator to proof read the newsletter.

To send a proof of the newsletter

  1. Open the newsletter in the Author

  2. Click the Preview button in the top right corner of the screen

  3. On the new tab that appears, click the Send icon (looks like an arrow) in the top menu bar

  4. Click Generate Link to create a proof link to the newsletter that you can share with someone, or tick the Send by Email checkbox and enter a list of email addresses before clicking Send Proof to have the link sent by email

If you ticked Send by Email the email summary will be sent to each of those people with a temporary link to access the newsletter. The link expires 2 days after the proof was sent.

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