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Every page has a banner photo at the top of the page

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The banner photo is a great way to customise the look of your newsletter. Every page has a banner photo so it's great to use a relevant, high-quality photo.

There are two modes for the banner photo: contain and fit. Contained mode will contain the banner photo in a box on medium and large screens (1200 pixels wide) and on small screens the photo will be the width of the screen. This mode is great for maximising screen real estate. Fitted mode will fill the banner photo to the width of the screen on all screen sizes. In both modes, the height of the photo can be customised by dragging it up and down.

Creating custom banner images

Some organizations prefer to use the banner photo area as a place to but their branding. If you wish to do so, you'll want to create images that are greater than 1200 pixels wide and greater than 320 pixels tall. In contained mode the banner photo will be exactly 1200 pixels wide, so this is a great width for creating your brand images. Banner photos have a minimum height of 320 pixels, so anything taller than this will work.


High quality photos

Upload photos in the highest quality you have and iNewsletter will automatically compress the photo and optimize it for web delivery.

Photos of people

Research shows that we like looking at photos of other people. A great way to maximise the readership of your newsletter is to include photos of real people.


Tall photos

Tall photos are not ideal for use as the banner photo, as they will take up too much screen real estate. Because the photo stretches to fill the width of the page, tall photos will be very long. You could reduce the height of the photo if there are parts you want to crop out.

Low quality photos

Low quality photos do not work well either. Because the photo is displayed in a large box, low quality photos will be stretched and may appear pixelated or blurry. With iNewsletter, you can upload photos at any size and the photo will automatically be compressed to the best size.

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