Inserting and managing a video

Learn how to insert and manage the settings of a video

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Videos can be inserted from YouTube or Vimeo - all you need is the link to the video.

To insert a video

  1. Click inside the article where you'd like the video to appear

  2. To the left of the flashing cursor will be a grey '+' button - click this

  3. From the menu that appears, click Video

  4. In the popup window that appears, paste the link to the video

  5. Click the Insert button and the video will be inserted

To update which YouTube or Vimeo video an embedded video points to

  1. Find the video on the page and click it to select it

  2. Click the Edit button that's over the top of the video

  3. Paste the new link into the popup window that appears

  4. Click the Update button and the video will be updated

To remove an embedded video

  1. Find the video you wish to remove and click it to select it

  2. Press the backspace key on your keyboard

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