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Cloning an entire page from another newsletter
Cloning an entire page from another newsletter

Learn how to clone an entire page (with contents) from a previous newsletter

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Sometimes, you may want to copy across a whole page, with it's content from a previous newsletter. For example, many schools have an 'Upcoming Events' style page that stays similar each newsletter issue, but has a few changes. It is useful to copy across the entire page and make the changes that need to be made.

To clone an entire page

  1. Click the New Page button in the left list of pages in the Author, and choose Clone Page from the menu that appears

  2. On the popup window that appears, there are tabs across the top. You can click Last Issue, or Previous Issues to go back and look at the pages in past issues.

  3. Select the page or pages you'd like to clone by single-clicking on them, and click the Clone Pages button

  4. The pages will be copied into the end of the current newsletter

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