Stats are a great way to see who is reading your newsletter. After all, if you're spending time producing a newsletter, you want to be sure it gets read.

To open the stats

  1. On the Dashboard click the Statistics link in the left bar

Readership stats

These stats give you a basic outline of how much your newsletter is getting read. You can see the number of unique readers (individual people that have read your newsletter), page popularity (how many views each page in your newsletter has had) a device breakdown, and the average amount of time being spent in each newsletter.

Email stats

These stats give you an outline on who is interacting with your newsletter when delivered by email. You can see the open rate (the number of people that opened the email summary), the click through rate (the number of people that clicked to open the full newsletter) and the number of failed deliveries (the number of bounces or other failed deliveries as reported by our email sending service).

You can click on any of these numbers to see exactly which email addresses fall into these categories.

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