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Setting up or modifying the Facebook integration
Setting up or modifying the Facebook integration

Learn how to automatically post your newsletter to Facebook

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iNewsletter can automatically post a news feed item into Facebook, with a link to your newsletter, when you publish a newsletter.

To setup the integration, or change the page associated with your iNewsletter publication:

  1. On the Dashboard for the Publication you want to setup the integration for and go to Settings > Integrations

  2. Next to Facebook click the + icon or the pencil icon to add/edit the integration

  3. In the popup window that appears, login to Facebook with an account that has access to the Facebook page. This might be your personal Facebook account, but once you select the relevant Facebook page we will only have access to the page, and not your account.

  4. Click Save & Close

You can also delete the Facebook integration by clicking the Trash icon.

When you go to publish your next newsletter, you can click the Switch icon next to Share to Facebook to enable publishing to Facebook. You can also click the Cogwheel button to change the text that will be posted to Facebook.

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