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Inserting and removing generic embeds
Inserting and removing generic embeds

Learn how to insert and remove generic embeds

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Embeds are a great way to include content from third party websites. Depending on the website, they display as an embedded block in your newsletter. It is up to the website owner to describe how they want their website embedded. Most interactive websites provide for this, however if they don't you will see an error when you try adding the embed.

To insert an embed

  1. Click inside the article where you'd like the embed to appear

  2. To the left of the flashing cursor will be a grey '+' button - click this

  3. From the menu that appears, click Embed

  4. A popup window will appear asking for the website URL. You can either paste the URL to the website, or if you have an embed code (starts with <iframe>) you can paste that as well

  5. Press the Insert button and assuming the embed platform was able to retrieve content from the website, you'll see the embedded website on the page

To delete an embed

  1. Find the embed on the page you wish to delete

  2. Click to select it, and press backspace on your keyboard

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