How secure is iNewsletter?
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This article outlines privacy and data security information about iNewsletter from a technical perspective.

iNewsletter is hosted in our private cloud with Amazon Web Services in Sydney, Australia. Any content you upload, including articles, email addresses and photos/other media is stored in our cloud platform in Sydney.

When you access any Naavi product through your web browser you will connect to our platform using TCP port 80 and port 443. These are the only publicly exposed ports for our entire platform. All compute, database, cache and other instances are only internally accessible inside our private cloud.

All databases store data using encryption at rest. Internal communication between different parts of our platform also use TLS encryption, and firewall rules and ACLs restrict internal components from only communicating with what they need access to.

Most components of our platform are designed to be ephemeral, meaning we rarely connect directly to a specific instance to perform maintenance. For example, none of our compute instances have SSH installed/enabled.

All public-facing and internal APIs have access control as a requirement. Access control is regularly reviewed to ensure no one else can access your data by forging API calls.

We also take part in a responsible disclosure program from independent security analysts.

We are happy to answer any other specific questions you have about data security and privacy.

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