Because of the amount of spam emails most people receive these days, occasionally iNewsletter emails can go missing from a recipient's inbox. Here are some steps you can try when someone isn't receiving your newsletter.

Check the stats

Check the email stats for the past 2 or 3 newsletters, to see if there are any failed deliveries. If the recipient's email address is listed as a failed delivery, there should also be a reason why the delivery failed. The most common reasons are: the user's email address does not exist anymore, the user's mailbox is full, or the user has blocked mail coming from iNewsletter.

Login from the web interface

If the recipient uses a third party mail client (such as Outlook, Thunderbird, Apple Mail etc), and they use a free mail product (such as Gmail/G Suite,, Hotmail, iCloud, Optusnet, Bigpond, Yahoo Mail etc), the message can often be found by logging into the mail website, and checking if the message is in there.

While in the mail website, doing an entire mailbox search for a keyword relating to the newsletter can often find the newsletter. (eg. if your newsletter is called "The Cormorant Weekly", doing an entire mailbox search for "cormorant")

Sometimes rules are setup that filter mail into other folders, and doing an entire mailbox search can find these emails. Some third party email clients can also mistakenly filter emails, which is why searching in the web interface is a good idea.

Whitelist iNewsletter's Email Server IP Addresses

If a group of people aren't receiving your newsletter (eg. all the staff at your school), then it's possible your corporate mail server has put a blanket block on our email server IP addresses.

Ask your IT staff to whitelist our mail platform IP addresses, which are:




Mail is sent from all of these IP addresses, so it is best to whitelist all of them to ensure successful delivery.

If the recipient still can't find the email, have them contact us and we will trace the email further.

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