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Explore the different options for publishing a newsletter to your community

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When your newsletter is complete, it is time to Publish it. Publishing makes the newsletter publicly accessible. Below we explore the different options for distributing your newsletter.


You can send out your newsletter via email. This is advantageous if you have a list of email addresses already, or you want to grow your subscriber list iNewsletter will manage new subscriptions for you. If you want to send the newsletter by email, you will need to import your email addresses first (if you have them). Once they have been imported, iNewsletter will manage bounces/unsubscribes.

For schools, using iNewsletter to send out your newsletter can be beneficial because other members of the community can subscribe as well (eg. local government, grand parents, prospective parents).

The email that is sent out is an automatically generated summary of your newsletter. This summary is designed to encourage readers to click through to the full newsletter, more than an attachment or a link may.

You can also send out the newsletter using your own email system, by using a link to the newsletter, however you will not get the benefits of the built-in email stats, or the automatically generated email summary.

Website/School App/Social Media

You can send out your newsletter through your social media channels, school app, and also put it on your website. This article explains more about how this works.

Other channels

Because the newsletter is web based, it can be distributed through any channel that will accept a URL. You can learn about the different types of links available here, and post any of those links on any other platform that isn't mentioned here.

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