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Setting up or modifying the Compass integration
Setting up or modifying the Compass integration
Learn how to create a client ID within Compass to automatically publish your newsletters into the Compass News Feed
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iNewsletter can automatically post a news feed item into Compass, with a link to your newsletter, when you publish a newsletter.

To setup the integration, or change the user who the news feed item appears from:

  1. Login to Compass as the user the news feed item should appear from

  2. Click the Cogwheel icon in the top right corner and choose Administration Tools (if Administration Tools isn't in the menu, ensure the user is a member of the CompassSponsors group)

  3. Choose Client Manager

  4. Click Register Client and choose Register iNewsletter Client

  5. Fill out audience details, we recommend staff and students. Give the client a name and choose Register

  6. Take note of the newly generated Client ID

Now you need to add/update the Integration in iNewsletter:

  1. On the Dashboard for the Publication you want to setup the integration for and go to Settings > Integrations

  2. Next to Compass click the + icon or the pencil icon to add/edit the integration

  3. In the popup window that appears, add or update your compass domain name and the Client ID you generated through Compass

  4. Click Save & Close

You can also delete the Compass integration by clicking the Trash icon.

When you go to publish your next newsletter, you can click the Switch icon next to Send to Compass to enable publishing to Compass.

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