Often you will want to link to your newsletter from your website, social media pages, school app, or parent portal. iNewsletter provides three different types of links you can use to link to your newsletter from these places.

After you publish a newsletter, click on the Get Links button in the Options menu (top right) that appears in the author in any published newsletter.

The latest newsletter link is one link, that stays the same (permalink) that will redirect to the latest newsletter. You can put this link on your website and every time you publish, visitors who click this link will be redirected to the latest newsletter.

The archive link is another permalink that lists all of your past newsletters. See McKinnon Secondary College's archive for an example.

If you use both the latest newsletter link and the archive link, you shouldn't need to update your website every time you publish. Because both of these links update whenever you publish, you won't need to manually add the newsletter to your website.

The direct link is a unique link that goes to this newsletter specifically.  This is the best link to use when publicising a recently published newsletter to your social media pages, school app, or parent portal.

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